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14 September, 2016


Enorme Estudio + Moneo Brock: Local curators of the exhibition 
The exhibition "Letters to the Mayor", promoted and curated by Eva Franch (Storefront for Art and Architecture), will present letters from Madrid-based architects addressed to the city's mayor, with innovative ideas and visions for the city. This idea was born in NYC in 2014 and since then it has been carried out in several cities. In Madrid's edition we participate as local curators alongside Enorme Estudio. The exhibition opens on September 29th at 12PM at COAM during the Architecture Week. See you there!

11 September, 2016


Visit to Mexico
Finally, the West façade and the bell tower of the parish church in Monterrey are finished. In the picture you can see the location of the church surrounded by the landscape designed by our collaborators Harari Landscape, whose outstanding work will be completed in 2017. 

8 September, 2016


Hotel Mercer
Our architecture and interior design project for the Hotel Mercer in Barcelona's Gothic neighborhood has been awarded with the Honorable Mention in the category of "Hospitality". 

5 September, 2016


Dialogue between Spain and Mexico
Jeffrey Brock participated on September 1st in the third edition of Arquideas at Mexico City in a dialogue about public space, architectural heritage and sustainability in cities, where architects from Mexico and Spain shared ideas and perspectives. 

29 August, 2016
CASA 205

CASA 205

House in Mexico 
Last July in Monterrey we presented our schematic design for the House 205, designed alongside Daniel Roselló.This house will be raffled by the Technological University of Monterrey (TEC) in order to "sponsor educational growth through the program ´Leaders of Tomorrow`, which gives full scholarchips to students with scarce economic resources and high acdemic performance".

3 June, 2016


Jeff Brock Lectures
Jeff brock gave a lecture at the Universidad Autónoma de Cuernavaca on working methods and the transformative capacity of architectural projects at MEXTROPOLI, the International Festival on Architecture and the City and the Latin American forum that gathered thousands of people for 4 days. The city of Mexico was, from March 5th – 8th, the most important place for thinking, designing and enjoying critical activities through a series of conferences, talks and workshopsClick here

We would like to emphasize our enthusiasm for the presentations of Josep Bohigas, who put forth myriad ways of resolving various housing problems, and that of Raúl Cardenas from Tijuana, whose projects with Torolab are always inspiring for their extraordinary degree of humanity.
Josep Bohigas Talk

27 May, 2016


Belén Moneo and Jeff Brock participated in a round-table discussion on prefabricated buildings on April 7 th in Madrid, organized by Sergio Baragaño (barchitects) and moderated by Marisa Santamaría.  Architecture is possibly the discipline most committed to industry and technology; searching for efficiency and savings in the constructive process, we support standardized production systems. Taking advantadge of our experience designing a house of minimum dimensions, we sought to break free of the language of the container-box, seeking a versatile solution while still observing the constraints imposed by the need to transport the house from factory to site.

20 May, 2016


New product design
Our Sofa SONIA D, with neat clear lines and intense color, has been selected for the Exhibition Producto Fresco 2016, opening Wed. June 15th in Madrid.
ICON is the new collection from ECUS Sleep S.L.U of armchairs, sofas and sofa-beds featuring striking fabrics, elegant shapes and fabulous designs. 

12 May, 2016


Refurbishment of a courtyard in the historical City of Santo Domingo
The developer and architecture connaisseur, Claudio Suarez Tarrado, has given us the opportunity to work on his project “Casa Velázquez”. Our participation is focused on the refurbishment of pre-existing elements, built in different periods and with different methods, harmonizing the building group by applying a unique architectural language. MONEO BROCK will be responsible for selecting finishes. Refurbishment is a fascinating exercise that, together with urban consolidation, constitutes architecture’s principal mode of action within the historical city’s fabric.

6 May, 2016


Nominated with the chimney Articulare
The Articulare chimney designed by Moneo Brock for DAE Chimeneas has been nominated for the Delta Awards 2016.  The Delta Prizes celebrate superior quality design, highlighting its importance as a driver of an industrial economy and its fundamental role as an expression of our social and cultural values. Behind every design object is the work of several professionals who have dutifully considered the final user and the manufacturing process. 

2 May, 2016
Tec of Monterrey Lottery

Tec of Monterrey Lottery

MONEO BROCK  and the architect Daniel Roselló have been selected to design together House 205 for the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, México, which will be raffled to support the scholarships "Lideres del Mañana".These scholarships are specifically directed to promising youths, who are seen as "Tomorrow´s Leaders".



Calle Benigno Soto, 14
28002 Madrid
+34 915 638 056


José Clemente Oriozco, 329. Pisco 30
colonia Valle oriente, CP 66269
San Pedro Garza García, NL


6 Varick St. Unit 10B
New York, Ny 10013
+1 (212) 380 1560


Calle Casimiro de Moya
Residencial Plaza Independencia
Edificio E-202
Gazcue, Distrito Nacional, Santo Domingo


Moneo Brock is an international architectural, planning and design firm of versatile professionals committed to the identification and implementation of sustainable solutions, with great faith in the promise of good design.

We begin our work with a rigorous analysis of the functional requirements of the project in question, setting high standards for the optimization of resources. Convinced that a fundamental concept must be elaborated for each project, we design specifically architectural solutions wherein linguistic and spatial structures harmonize in a coherent whole. 

When working in cities, we count as the projects’ first task the repair or enhancement of the existing urban context and the enlivening of bordering streets. We give great importance to urban design and to the creation of public space as a social good.
When working outside the city, we design our interventions to protect and preserve the natural beauty that we find; the new, constructed landscape is designed to flow from our projects and connect holistically to the surrounding terrain. 

Each project’s local climate is analyzed in detail so that energy efficiency can be assured, and the social and economic context is thoughtfully reviewed so that all conditions for true sustainability can be met. Finally, the construction details and the selection of materials are always rigorously controlled in order to be in concordance with the project’s fundamental concept.

We are sensitive to the synergies that emerge in collaborative processes, viewing teamwork as fundamental to the creation of great work. We have extensive experience collaborating with large teams of engineers, consultants and specialists in the production and coordination of architectural projects, from conceptualization through construction completion. We have completed projects of varying scales, both public and private, and our work has been widely published in international media.

We view each job as an opportunity to create a unique structure that can transform a part of the world, no matter the scale.

Moneo Brock has broad experience working on a variety project types, including:

• Museums

• Educational Buildings and Campuses

• Urban Infrastructure

• Religious Architecture

• Hospitality and Wellness Architecture and Design

• Rehabilitation of Historic Structures

• Interior Design

We are an ISO9001:2008 certified business with Lloyds Register.


Belén Moneo is an architect and co-founder of Moneo Brock. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Visual Arts and obtained a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University’s GSAPP.

Jeff Brock is an architect and co-founder of Moneo Brock. He graduated from Princeton University in 1985 with a BA in Architecture and obtained his Masters in Architecture in 1991 from Columbia University’s GSAPP.

Belén and Jeff formed MONEO BROCK in 1993 in New York, when they first collaborated professionally on a project for a loft in Tribeca. Maintaining connections with New York, the firm founded its Madrid office in 2002. Today project sites are located in the USA, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Belén Moneo teaches at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Madrid and Jeff Brock at the Pratt Institute. They have lectured extensively on their work in Europe, the USA, China, Turkey, Panama, Guatemala and Peru, and their work has been published in several international media.

Café de la Reina

Connected to the foyer of an elegant luxury hotel, the Café de la Reina or “BUR-BU-JA-JA” adds a colorful and casual note to the complex. A cafeteria during the day, the space transforms into a sophisticated cocktail bar at night, the patrons immersed in iridescent aquatic colors.

A long curved green bar runs through the space, while “seaweed” camouflages the curtain wall and the mundane view of the city beyond, dissolving it into small fragments of an organic, aquatic world. Smoothly curved walls with reflecting belts, circular benches and round tables create a sensual atmosphere where space and movement interact.  





Zaragoza, Spain


Belén Moneo, Jeffrey Brock

Architects team

Andrea Caputo, María Pierres, Sandra Formigo, Andrés Barrón, Spencer Leaf and Silvia Fernández

3d model

Andrés Barrón

Espacio Fundación Telefónica

This museum rehabilitation project for Fundación Telefónica, the cultural institution of Spain’s largest telephone company, occupies four floors in the historic Telefónica Building at the top of Madrid’s most central street, the Gran Via. Due to the historical character of this building and the difficult relationships between the reclaimed spaces of the old building, we designed a central, cohesive circulation path that connects all galleries and cultural spaces on the upper floors to one another and to the street.

In order to renovate this historic building within Spanish urban planning and architecture, parts of four of the existing floor plates were demolished and a spiral staircase inserted in the void, weaving through an organic, sculptural form. This structure, already considered as an emblem of the new building, serves simultaneously as a lateral brace for the building’s façade and structural support for the stair.

The galleries take their form from the shape of the building. Here, the floors were stripped of everything non-essential to the structure. Columns were left exposed and the ceilings covered with a suspended metal mesh. The spaces, left bare and lofty, reveal the beauty of the existing structure and allow for the maximum freedom for exhibit-specific installations.

On this project of architecture and interior design Moneo Brock Studio collaborated with Quanto Arquitecture Studio.  



Fundación Telefónica


Madrid, Spain

Building size

68,570 sqft


9.000.000 €


Moneo Brock Studio

Architects team

Andrés Barrón, María Pierres, Albert Rubio

Technical architect

Gonzalba Asociados, José Luis Gonzalo, Cristina González


Moneo Brock

3d model

Moneo Brock, cincuentayocho

Structural engineer

NB35, Jesús Jiménez, Óscar Vidal

Columbia University Northwest Corner Building

Columbia University, one of the world most prestigious institutions for arts and sciences, greatly expands its capabilities with this building for interdisciplinary scientific research.  The building is located on the Northwest corner of the University’s historic Morningside Heights Campus designed by McKim, Mead and White in 1897.  In addition to the design of urban infrastructure and planning, the project adds approximately 4.500 m2 of laboratory space and 2.000 m2 of classroom, office and study space. It also includes a 1.300 m2 research library, a 170-seat auditorium, a public café and a new entrance to the Campus and the University’s Basketball and Volleyball Gymnasium. All the interior design of these new educational spaces was done by Moneo Brock.

Constructed above the existing Francis S. Levien Gymnasium, the site conditions posed a significant structural challenge requiring that the new building span over the 125 foot wide facility, while maintaining large open floors for laboratories, whose structural slabs needed to be stiff enough for the use of microscopes and other vibration-sensitive equipment.

This structural feat became the defining gesture of this architectural project. By representing the structural frame on the building façade through the application of aluminum fins oriented in parallel to the frame elements, the design reveals the varied geometry of bracing elements in the resultant patchwork of light and shadow.  Even as it appears to incorporate a free arrangement of diagonal truss elements, the structural frame is in fact precisely responsive to a series of eccentric loading factors integral to the design of the building volume and to the internal distribution of programmatic elements within it. The building's campus facade is almost entirely glass, revealing the interior workings of the building and emphasizing openness and a connection to the campus community.

Besides providing critical program spaces for the University, the building also forms a new gateway to the Morningside Campus, incorporating in its northern end a fluid sequence of brightly and naturally-lit spaces along a path between the street corner and the Campus level some 10 meters higher.  All this is fit alongside elevator cores and service shafts within a constrained footprint in the building area not already occupied by the gymnasium.

On this project Moneo Brock Studio collaborated with Rafael Moneo Arquitecto



Columbia University , Lee C. Bollinger, President


Columbia, New York, USA

Gross area

188,000 sqft


Rafael Moneo, Belén Moneo, Jeffrey Brock

Architects team

Benjamin Llana, Spencer Leaf, Andrés Barrón

Architects of record

David Brody Bond, Aedas, William Parson

Interior designer

Moneo Brock


Juan de Dios and Jesús Rey, Moneo Brock, Rafael Moneo Arquitecto

3d model

Moneo Brock

Project manager

Turner Construction Company, Charles Whitney

Structural engineer

Ove Arup & Partners Consulting, Daniel Brodkin

Acoustical consultant

Ove Arup & Partners Consulting, Joshua Yacknowitz

Cost estimating

Wolf and Company

Enviromental consultant

Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin

Lighting consultant

Fisher Marantz Stone


Turner Construction Company

Articulare Chimney

Geometry has always fascinated us. When the main body of the chimney and an inclined plane intersect, a second volume is created that opens, folding down to create the horizontal surface of the grill. The chimney’s oval mouth is exposed so that the fire is visible from every angle. The shape of the chimney is compact; it can be closed when the winter season is over, on the one hand staying out of the way while on the other presenting an enigmatic form bereft of signs as to its true function.



DAE Chimeneas


Belén Moneo, Jeffrey Brock