Can Escandell Park · Spain

· Urban, Infrastructure, Sustainability

Creating Sensorial Synergies

‘Horizons’ is a Mediterranean garden that recalls the productive past of Ibiza. Spontaneous free-form natural elements find a synergic equilibrium with the order of agricultural plantations.

The original rectilinear terraces, made of dry stone walls and the sweat of several generations follow the natural contours of the terrain and converting the wild slope into a sequence of terraces connected by multiple paths in which one can become lost, though never for too long. There are several scenarios developed on each platform. The whole park is handicapped accessible.

For optimum functionality, we have added small pavilions that contain WC’s, an information center, a warehouse for gardening tools, maintenance and storage areas and a number of cafés. There is a lookout located on the park’s highpoint, built on top of a little artificial mound formed by extra material taken from the building site.

The stratification of the landscape is emphasized by using a different bougainvillea flower color and dominant plant species on each terrace. This creates different sensorial experiences at different levels, or horizons. As we wander around the park remembering happy moments between fig, olive, almond, pine and carob trees, the sea finally appears; the last horizon.

‘Horizons’ is an architecture and landscape design project open to spontaneity and change; many species will reproduce freely and this will change the original design, making it more alive.