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The future will be sustainable or it will not be

We offer sustainable custom home designs.


We believe in high quality design, modulating light and color in space for comfort and good health. A building must aspire to produce more energy than it consumes. That is why we design positive energy houses. Our team will analyze your needs and design a unique and exclusive house, for a fixed price and within a short time.

The SUMA POSITIVA houses are designed by Moneo Brock, an international studio with more than 30 years of experience, 14 design awards and over 300 publications. These models have been carefully studied to offer a maximum of environmental with a minimum resources.

As we approach the climate and energy objectives adopted by the European Union for 2020, all our designs incorporate a series of passive measures that reduce the energy consumption of our homes beyond the requirements set by the EU standards. In addition, we facilitate the implementation of active systems that allow our houses to produce more energy than they consume.

With over 30 years of experience we have been able to design a safe industrialized process that minimizes construction time and avoids the risks associated with traditional building methods, guaranteeing high quality results on budget and on time.

A sustainable home not only pollutes less, it also improves our health and improves our domestic economy.

Our designs implement passive sustainable solutions such as cross ventilation, natural day-lighting or solar heating. These measures make our homes healthier environments for your family.

Today’s technological advances allow us to incorporate active systems that further reduce household consumption, improving the performance of our homes and turning them into energy producers.