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Banco Sencelles

Banco Sencelles

We believe that the quality public space is essential to civil life.


Pedestrian areas must be plentiful and comfortable. Fixed elements in urban design that can make quality public space are those that provide shade and water, vegetation and areas for rest and play, materials and species should be selected and where possible permeable pavements.

The new benches that Moneo Brock designed for the town square in Sencelles respond to these principles, combining artisanal production methods with a colorful and contemporary design. They are designed to be used by everyone and to be very durable.

© Michael Moran

© Michael Moran

The benches design was a collaboration with the well-recognized Majorcan company Huguet, which has extensive experience in the sector. Several prototypes were made in lighten concrete, allowing us to refine the pieces’ production methods of the pieces and to ensure the quality of the final product.

Plaza de la Villa

© Michael Moran

There are three different size pieces: a continuous bench, a chair with a small table and a double seat offering a multitude of possible combinations to fit to any space. Each design is available in 4 different color ranges.

A member of these benches have been installed in the Plaça de la Vila in the town of Sencelles, Mallorca.

Send us an email to indicating the details of the product you would like to buy and the shipping address and we will get back to you with the final price of the design and an estimated date of arrival in less than 48 hours.


Belén Moneo, Jeff Brock, Francisco Blázquez

Ceramic, concrete