Cookies Policy


July 2018

On the website of MONEO BROCK STUDIO, S.L. (hereinafter, MONEO BROCK) we use cookies, both our own and from third parties, in order to improve your experience as a user by showing you content adapted to your browsing habits. We do this by creating profiles based on each user’s browsing habits.

Since the privacy policy can be updated periodically, in relation to new legislative requirements, regulations or uses, we ask that you review it on a regular basis.

If you have any questions regarding the Cookies Policy detailed below, please contact us through our email


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are exchanged between our server and the user’s web browser during use of our website. These files allow us to know, for statistical purposes and your behavior when browsing the MONEO BROCK website so that we can improve the service and adapt it to your preferences. Cookies are only associated with your browser and do not provide personal data by themselves. Cookies cannot damage your device and are also very useful, as they help identify and resolve errors.


What type of cookies are used in our portal?

TECHNICAL Those that allow the user to navigate through the website, platform or application and the use of different options or services that exist in it.

Technical cookies identify the session, control the traffic and the communication of the data, remember the elements that are part of an order, carry out the purchase process, make the application for registration or participation in a project, store contents for the diffusion of videos or sound, or share content through social networks, among others.

OF ANALYSIS Some cookies collect information to measure the activity of the web, application or platform, and create navigation profiles in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the usage data.
PERSONALIZATION Other cookies allow MONEO BROCK to access user’s predefined general characteristics according to a series of criteria in the user’s terminal, such as the language, the type of browser through which the user accesses the service, the regional configuration from which access the service, etc.


Google Analytics

This website also uses Google Analytics, which is a Google advertising analysis service that allows MONEO BROCK to see how users interact with their portal. To do so, a set of cookies are enabled and used to collect anonymous information, which allows the creation of trend reports, without identifying users individually, that helps us maintain and improve to the Website. In the event that the User prevents the creation of cookies, it is possible that not all the functions of the web can be used completely and without limitations.

The collection and storage of the IP address and the data created by the cookies can be canceled at any time. The browser plugin to do so can be found here:

You can disable the use of Google Analytics data by clicking on the same link. Then, an Opt-Out-Cookie will be activated that will block the use of your data when visiting this web page. For more details, check the link for the privacy policy.

Specifically, our analytics cookies are:

  • _ga: This cookie is for analysis and serves to distinguish users when they enter the web.
  • _gat: The function of this cookie is to limit the number of requests that can be made on the website.
  • _gid: This cookie is for the Google system that allows users to be distinguished.


Session cookies

If a user logs in at MONEO BROCK creates an automatic cookie to be able to recognize the user’s browser again. Thanks to this, the password should only be entered once during the session. Session cookies do not collect information from the User’s computer.

Specifically, our session cookies are:

  • XSRF – TOKEN: This cookie helps us to prevent possible attacks that would terminate the user’s session and phish to obtain their information.
  • Laravel_session: This cookie identifies users that access the website.


Cargo Collective

We also use cookies created and managed by CARGO COLLECTIVE that they employ to maintain preferences, view and stimulate web traffic and improve the service.

Specifically our cookies are: _cargo_analytics, _cargo_analytics_gid, and cv2_0.



Facebook plugins are simple to implement and widely used, allowing users to indicate if they like MONEO BROCK content and share it with their friends and followers on Facebook. All of this content will be stored on Facebook. The operation is as follows: if the user accesses a web page containing this plugin, the browser creates a direct connection to the Facebook servers. By integrating the plugin, Facebook obtains the information to which the user has accessed within the MONEO BROCK website. If the user has a profile on Facebook, Facebook may assign the visit to the Facebook account of the MONEO BROCK User, storing cookies and using JavaScript. The User is informed that if the storage of certain add-ons is prevented, the Facebook social plugin may stop working. The purpose and scope of the data collection and its processing and use by Facebook, as well as the rights and user configuration options for the protection of your privacy, can be found in the Facebook Data Protection Statement.



We use the VIMEO cookies to link our website with our channel and in this way we can track where the traffic comes from on our website. In particular, this cookie is called ‘vuid’.


Acceptance of the cookies policy

The use of this website implies that the User gives their consent to the use of cookies, under the terms and conditions provided in this Policy, without prejudice to the measures of deactivation and elimination that may be chosen.

MONEO BROCK considers that, if you continue browsing, you accept the use of cookies. However, we will continue to show the informative notice about our Cookies Policy at the bottom of any page of the portal with each login, so that you are always aware.

With the beginning of session in MONEO BROCK the User receives information about the use and policy of cookies through a message located at the bottom of the web page. Given this information, the User can perform the following actions:

  • Continue browsing. This will imply that the User gives his express and unequivocal consent to the use of cookies, under the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy.
  • Close. The notice is hidden on this page, accepting the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy.
  • Configure the permission of cookies can reject them.

All this, without prejudice to the measures of configuration, deactivation and elimination of the cookies that the User may adopt, and which are mentioned in the following section.


How to modify the configuration of cookies?

The User can restrict, block or delete the cookies that are used on the web, configuring the browser for this purpose. It is recommended to visit the following links for more information:

Internet Explorer: Tools – Internet Options – Privacy – Configuration

In the tools menu, select “internet options”. Click on the privacy tab. You will see the scroll cursor to configure the privacy that has six positions that allow you to control the amount of cookies that will be installed: Block all cookies, High, Medium High, Medium (default level), Low, and accept all cookies.

For more information, you can consult Microsoft support or browser Help.

Firefox: Tools – Options – Privacy – History – Custom Settings

In the tools menu, select “options”. Select the privacy tag in the options box. From the drop-down menu choose “use custom settings for history.” This will show the cookie options and you can choose to activate or deactivate them by checking the corresponding box. For more information, you can check Mozilla support or browser Help.

Chrome: Settings – Show advanced options – Privacy – Content settings

In the configuration menu, select “show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page. Next, select the “content settings” key in the privacy section. The section at the top of the page that appears gives you information about cookies and allows you to set the cookies you want. It also allows you to delete any cookie that you have stored at that time. For more information, you can check Google support or browser Help.

Safari: Preferences – Security In the configuration menu, select the “preferences” option.

Open the privacy tab. Select the option you want from the “block cookies” selection. Remember that certain functions and full functionality of this Site may not be available after disabling cookies. For more information, you can check Apple support or browser Help.