Person in charge: Moneo Brock S.L. (hereafter Moneo Brock).
Address: Calle Benigno Soto 14 bajo, 28002, Madrid.
CIF: B84742261


Moneo Brock is firmly committed to compliance with Data Protection, dated April 27, 2016.

The legal basis by which Moneo Brock is entitled to process personal data is the express consent of the interested party by visiting the Moneo Brock website. Moneo Brock processes user data in order to provide the best possible experience during these visits.

The data will be preserved during the term that the purpose of the processing requires. Your data will not be ceded to third parties, no will it be intentionally transferred, unless a legal obligation so establishes it.

You may exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, and limitation through forms for the exercise of your rights, which you may request via email or by post. If you prefer, you can use the forms prepared by the Spanish Data Protection Agency or the competent authority.

These forms must be signed electronically or accompanied by a photocopy of your valid legal identification.

In case of representation, you must enclose a copy of the valid legal identification of the representative together with your request.

Forms may be submitted physically or electronically.

By sending an email to the address:
Sending a letter to the address: Calle Benigno Soto 14 bajo, Madrid.

You may file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency or the competent control authority, if you believe that we have not attended to you correctly.

We will inform you about actions relating to your request within a period of one month, if the application is especially complex, we may extend the period to two months, but we will notify you of the extension within the first month.

In those cases that we do not recognize your request, we will inform you of it within one month from its presentation.